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Perfection is a Journey

One of the biggest reasons behind startup failure is delay in the product launch in the search for perfection. The time spent on getting it 100% right often results in startups running out of cash or facing a surprise competitor prior to launch.

There is a reason why companies like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many others release app updates regularly. It is because for them perfection is a journey and tech is a hyper-changing world. Seeking perfection is actually being on a constant quest for it - evolving, adapting, improving.

In this video I talk about perfection as a journey at the OEC Oman Conference.

Talk: What the hell is Perfection?

Sharing a Personal Story

If you think you are too small to scale or grow big, remember one thing - Only Small Companies Can Become Big.

So dream on.

In one of my talks I share a personal story of how you are as BIG as you believe you are and you can be.

Talk: Only Small Companies can Become BIG

Most Innovative Company on Earth?

You know the most innovative company on Earth is not Google. Not Apple. Not Microsoft ...

It is XEROX - only if they knew how to communicate the innovations they were doing at XEROX PARC to the world. Something that Apple does so amazingly.

I personally believe every startup should behave like a media company and share everything they do and celebrate every moment.

Talk: Every Startup Should be a Media Company

Shhh... the Boss is here.

We are still working in workplaces where people get scared when the boss arrives. If people are led by fear, tell me how on earth can we innovate?

It is about time that we allow people to learn and prosper at our workplaces and let them feel at home while they work, as if they are working in one family.

Talk: Startup Work Culture

Hiring Smart People

We are killing the creativity of smart people by not letting them be. We should support creativity and let people be.

I hope this world can be a better place where creativity can prosper by leaps and bounds so that we can create another Eiffel Tower another Notre Dame and other masterpieces.

Like Steve Jobs said, "We hire smart people so that they can tell us what to do."

Talk: We Hire Smart People and we Kill...